At IMCM our commitment is to provide independent information on Management of Personal Medical History that is managed by you. In case of emergency you can provide access to this information via internet by any medical professional by providing password. The card (Launching soon) you carry will have toll free phone number that can be used by a Medical Professional to call in and get one time access if you are unable to provide the information.

Several People with personal experience has come together to make this site informative and for information only. The life experience of these people will create a form by which it becomes helpful to people going through similar experience and have tried different methods of getting well from regular medical practices to Natural cures.

At no time you should implement or use the information provided on this site for your medical conditions or take vitamins/products without consultation with your medical professional. If you do so you will be doing it at your own risk. Please do your own research before you implement or use any information for your health and well being.

We are in process of establishing the best medical doctors who provide independent medical examination reports in order to determine a client’s ability or inability to return to pre-accident or trauma causing changes in  levels of functioning and performing of day-to-day personal tasks and employment duties.

Our aim is to coordinate the required help needed by the member by providing Management during recovery period.

The card is to help member input their own medical history so that any medical facility or doctor can quickly know of the patient’s history from any part of the world.

The second part of the process is to establish relationship with Convalescences facilities starting in Canada and developing world wide relationship.

We are in discussion with Medical Facilities to provide Medical Tourism around the world. We plan to implement starting with Canada.

If you are a Medical Professional including Natural Medicine and alternative methods and would like to participate in this website by offering your services please contact us at info@imcminc.com.

If you have facility for Convalescence or rehab for our members to recuperate after medical intervention please contact us at info@1stnetgroup.com

If you have rehab facilities on outpatient bases please contact us at info@1stnetgroup.com

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