“What Cecile Thinks”

Cecile Soucie

Cecile is a Great Grand Mother, with lot of personal experience in alternative and natural healing.

Cecile is self educated, with a Degree from “University of Hard Knocks”

Cecile has taken numerous courses in different fields to name few, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Qualified as Iridologist, Landmark courses and list goes on.

Cecile listens to Dr. D’s Broadcast and watches Dr. OZ shows and numerous other broadcasts and reads on internet.

So this page was setup for her as per her personal Doctor’s order to setup a blog.

“What Cecile Thinks”

Her personal  journey to understand human health has a very interesting and history of helping family, friends, strangers and herself.

So you can ask Cecile on Food, drugs & alternative health. Maybe you need to talk to someone…. just in case….

Hope you are open to listen to a person of experience and a view of a non medical person for making that transition in your daily life…. word of wisdom as I say cannot be replaced when it comes to daily living.

Shreeji Arun

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