Health Centre

Planned for Launch in 2016 -2017

What will it look like?

Personal Health Care & Fitness

Come tour the Fitness & Wellness Centre and speak with our highly-trained and energetic staff about meeting your fitness goals and our affordable rates.

Our $30 orientation session includes three free visit and allows you to try us out before deciding on a longer-term membership.

At the Centre, we will offer many services to ensure your physical and mental health are in peak condition. Stepping into our facilities will expose you to an abundance of certified and trained professionals to help service you based on your personalized needs and requirements.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, experiencing muscle tension or soreness or looking forward to a rejuvenating massage after a strenuous work-out, we are here for you.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services, and fully promote health and wellness by emphasizing active lifestyles.

Health Centres provide:

Physical/Sports Therapy

A combination of massage therapy and rehabilitation exercises addressing the cause of the injury. Specific exercises are prescribed based on your specific injury which will include coaching, muscle re-balancing and pain management where needed.

Registered Massage Therapy

Clinically-oriented, direct action upon the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems to rehabilitate physical injuries and improve health.


Support or correctional devices for musculoskeletal abnormalities.


Adjustments and manipulations of the spine and extremities to stimulate central and peripheral nervous system to harness improvements in balance, coordination, reaction time, muscle strength and mental clarity.


Therapeutic method for encouraging natural healing, reducing or relieving pain and improving function of affected areas of the body.

Fitness & Wellness

PHOTO TOUR (to be added when centre opens)



Fitness Centre Hours:


For a full listing of the Centre’s many features, facilities and amenities


Cross Trainers (Elliptical)
Recumbent bikes
Rowing machines
Double-action Ergometers (upper body recumbent bikes)
Dual Cable Cross Over
Cable Cross Over
Spin bikes

Kidz Fit Zone (7 to 15 years):

Recumbent game bikes
Dance pads
Wii Station (adults can use them)

Strength Training:

Chest Press
Pec Down
Lat Pull Down
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Triceps Pull Down
Bicep Curl
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Glute Press
Hamstring Curl
Ab Machine
Free weights
Bosu balance trainers

Youth Strength-Training Circuit (10 to 15 years):

Chin-up Machine
Mid Row
Chest Press
Squat Press
Seated Leg Press
Shoulder Press
Seated Dip Machine


Adults – 18 and older.
Youth – 7 to 17 years.
Family – a maximum of two adults and up to 3 children under 18 years.

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